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Potawatomi Casino
Northwestern Mutual
Kohls Dept. Stores
Mercury Marine
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Green Bay Packers
Shaws Floors
Cambria Countertops
Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Summerfest
Scheels All Sports
Wisconsin Tourism
Kwik Trip
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Snapper Lawn Mower
Sargento Cheese
Optima Batteries
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Artist Endorsements

"In regards to Ralph Bruner, I can tell you that he has been a devoted professional, and creative songwriter for over 35 years. He is involved in my project (A Bad Think) since 2006 playing everything from Mandolin to Lead Guitar at the highest level. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a creative producer/songwriter."

Michael Marquart
Musician/ producer
Former drummer Flock Of Seagulls
Owner Windmark Inc.


"Ralph is a fantastic guitar player."

Peter Noone "Herman"
from Herman's Hermits" ( singer)


"Ralph is an extremely talented composer adept at multiple styles as well as an outstanding talent. Without a doubt one of the finest guitar players I've ever had the privilege to work with. Completely professional in every aspect of his work. It just doesn't get any better"

Skip DeRupa
Engineer Skip DeRupa Audio Productions
Credits (Justin Timberlake)


"Ralph's creativity and endless resources of ideas and raw talent have been an absolute pleasure to work with and have made me a better producer."

Stacy Heydon
Former David Bowie Guitarist
Platinum and Gold award winning producer
#1 Billboard Hit (Sheriff)



Feet of Clay Endorsements

"Knowledgable musicianship working together with skill full songwriting"

Billboard ( international)


"Best picks"

Pro Sound News ( international )


"Beatlesque harmonies alone show the ample talent of this trio"

Album Network  ( international )  


"A strength for some delightful pop music as fine as chaff"

Border Books & Music ( national)  


"Feet Of Clay are one of the best pop bands in the country"

Riverfront Times ( St. Louis MO)


"Creating the musical equivalent of spun gold"

Orlando Weekly ( Orlando FL)


"FOC has a solid footing in the art of of crafting hummable pop"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ( Milwaukee, WI)


"This is the album R.E.M. Only wishes they could make"

Renegade News Letter ( Lansing MI)


"Easily able to draw on an audience that appreciates classic pop"

Mississippi River Music Festival


"FOC have the songs that many other bands would die for"

Yellow Pills ( international fanzine)


"Soaring harmonies,  Beatlesque guitar riffs, and poignant, thoughtful lyrics"

Audities ( international )


"Their new CD deserves to be a heavy hit"

Shepherd Express ( Milwaukee )